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Park de Horn

Bungalowpark De Horn is situated in the heart of the North Holland polder landscape in the center of the village of Dirkshorn.

This spacious park with plenty of greenery provides an ideal environment for recreation.


The park consists of 92 stone and 249 wooden recreational homes. There is a forested area for walking, playfields, a large pond, a tennis court, and a soccer field on the premises.


You can enjoy peace, relaxation, and wake up surrounded by the lush greenery within the park.

Bungalowpark De Horn's central location makes it perfect for numerous excursions, visits to various cities and quaint villages, events, and of course, the beach with its dunes, forests, and sea.

Bungalowpark De Horn is also highly suitable for enjoying relaxation and tranquility in a healthy and fresh environment.

The bungalow park is nestled in the North Holland landscape, where you can find extensive polder landscapes with colorful flower fields.

For cyclists, hikers, (sports) fishermen, and those seeking peace, this area is a haven.


Just a few kilometers from the bungalow park, you will find the dunes, the beach, and the sea, where you can sunbathe, play, and, of course, swim.

It's even said that this region has the least rainfall and the most hours of sunshine. In the summer, the sea is particularly appealing due to the many sunny days, and in the spring and autumn, you can enjoy the impressive high waves.

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