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Park De Bongerd


Water park

In addition to a swimming and playing pond, the beautiful park also has an outdoor pool and of course the covered Plons with various slides, a large paddling pool and a Fountain Square. There is a water challenge for children of all ages.

The baths are open on beautiful early and late summer days from May to October. After that, the outdoor pools go into hibernation.

Play indoors

The themed day attraction de Hollow Convex Tree is located in the Capfun de Bongerd park. Indoor play, challenges and plenty of variety for children up to 11 years old!


Extensive animation

Capfun de Bongerd has its own professional animation team that engages the children in a fun way with crafts, sports, theater and much more! Think of foam parties, aqua bubbles, fair and much more! The Capfun de Bongerd animation team ensures that your children experience a holiday that they will not soon forget.

Information about the Bongerd

Capfun de Bongerd is located in Tuitjenhorn in beautiful North Holland. With a top atmosphere and personal service, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our guests.


Vleghel de Egel and neighbor King Pa-Radijs van de Holle Bolle Boom together ensure that you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday at Capfun de Bongerd!

Capfun de Bongerd with many amenities and facilities mainly focuses on children up to 11 years old and their (grand)parents. At Capfun de Bongerd there is a swimming and playing pond, football field, animal meadow and also various playgrounds and play equipment close to the locations.


And if that's not enough, the children can also have fun in the Holle Bolle Boom play paradise, where the Water Park features a Splash and Splash Pool, Fountain Square, crazy slides and an open-air swimming pool.

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